Top 10 Staging Tips to Sell Your Charlotte Home for More

Top 10 Staging Tips to Sell Your Charlotte Home for More

  • Kimberly Magette
  • 06/15/22

Moving and selling a property in the Greater Charlotte area is never simple. You can always speed up the process by putting your home or real estate on the market in the best possible condition. Some engage a stager to bring in furnishings and decorations that highlight the home's warm ambiance and plentiful features. Don’t fret if you don't want to or cannot employ their services, as you can do several things while you're still living in your gorgeous house. Here are the top ten things you can do to stage your home and significantly boost its value and charm.

Stage your home using these tips

Begin at the curb

Prospective homebuyers typically make a few test drives through the neighborhood to get a sense of how far things are from their potential home, like nearby stores, and what kinds of schools are in the area before they set foot inside for a tour. The front yard and the front of your property are the first things potential buyers will notice. The best way to see things from their viewpoint is to take a step back and look at your home with a discerning eye.

Are there signs of well-maintained landscaping, like a neatly mowed lawn? What about the building itself? Decide whether it needs to be repainted or just needs the windows washed, new outdoor lighting installed, or the yard mowed. Your home's exterior should be appealing enough to entice potential purchasers to come inside and see what's within.

The view from the door

Whatever is just beyond your front door is the first thing potential buyers will notice while on a tour of your house after viewing the outside. Make sure your home is spotless when they arrive. Depending on the design of your floor plan, you could keep your coats, shoes, and other accessories like umbrellas and bags out of the way to portray the potential space as it is naturally, with no obstructions.

Setting the stage for the foyer with a small table, a mirror, and a beautiful statue or flowers will help the room feel more welcoming and friendlier. Clean the floor and choose rugs that complement the wall decor to create a calming atmosphere. Just crossing the threshold into your home should present prospective shoppers with a moment to take it all in.

Living rooms are for entertainment

Remove any personal belongings that might prevent potential buyers from picturing themselves in the space, especially if you plan to stay in the home until it sells. Arrange the furniture in a way that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, you might want to update your curtains and paint. Highlight the unique aspects of the room with décor that compliment the design.

While making sure your living room is well-kept and clean, you’ll also want to make sure it comes off as well lived-in, as here is where you have most likely spent most of your time with your family and friends. You want your potential purchasers to feel at ease and be able to see their own belongings and loved ones in this space.

Kitchens are a big deal

Updating your kitchen before putting your home on the market is one of the best ways to increase its value and appeal. Some possible upgrades include fixtures, organizational tools, counters, backsplashes, and floors that coordinate to draw in the eye. Installing luxury items like a bar sink, under-cabinet lighting, and top-of-the-line appliances will also increase the kitchen's appeal.

Ensure that all your appliances are surface-cleaned and, if possible, cleaned out from the inside. Buyers love to explore cabinets, refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers to uncover any hidden attributes or potential downfalls of the home. Being keenly organized and clean can show them the potential behind the spaces instead of turning them away from the ordinary.

Formalize the dining room

If your house has a separate dining area or room, make good use of it. Areas like these are perfect for sizeable, luxurious dinner parties and the members of the buyer's family, which are a big draw for prospective buyers. Be sure to have a beautiful table arrangement and lighting that creates a pleasant and personal feeling in the room. An eye-catching chandelier may be a terrific focal point in any dining area.

Stage every space

To make the most of your space, you'll need to fill it with furnishings that define said space, which you may either borrow or purchase. Get rid of the clutter that's been collecting in your closets, garage, and other storage areas. It's easier for purchasers to perceive the possibilities of a property when the rooms are decorated in neutral colors and styles. Make sure the rooms are perceivable in a specific light. Is it a potential office, bedroom, or kids' playroom? Keep the décor neat and clean while hinting that the space offers more.
Is it hard to use a tiny place, such as beneath the stairs, in your home? Play around with a built-in library, storage area, or even a place to keep cleaning products. The home's worth will rise due to the creative ways in which the spaces are implemented. Use high-end furniture with the idea that you are dressing the home in luxurious tones while keeping the color palette neutral.

Lighting is a necessity

Before you allow a tour through your home, ensure enough lighting to show off the house in its entirety. Natural lighting is best, so open up the curtains and blinds. Add fixtures like accent lamps and floor lamps to accent the smaller spaces and corners. Adding in fixtures like stair lighting, cabinet lighting, and even closet lighting can add value and useability to your home. Before a tour, be sure to illuminate the room, so the buyers are not constantly walking into dark spaces.

Make space in the bathroom

Small bathrooms look even smaller when a huge cabinet sink takes up most of the space. Reduce the cabinet's footprint by installing a beautiful pedestal sink and storage. Ensure the fixtures are clean and in proper working order, and there are clean shelves when cabinets are opened.

Replace dingy towels, robes, and mats with fresh designs that match the wall décor. Change out the shower curtain and clean the tile grout. Set aside a set of towels to use as the prop when a tour takes place. Make the bathroom seem more significant, even if the space is extremely small.

Prepare the backyard

The backyard is a favorite hangout for so many families. It's essential to make sure the mechanicals are in good condition and that your swimming pool is tidy. Organize loungers and pool toys in containers near the pool area. Ensure you have a spot to grill, a table and chairs for eating outside, and some shade. If there is enough room, you might create a pleasant sitting area with a small gas-powered fire pit. A huge screen and projection area may also be set up for outdoor movie screenings.

To provide a welcoming backyard, trim trees, mow lawns, and tidy up after yourself. You may store soccer, volleyball and even a croquet set on an organizing cube or shelf for families with active children. To attract buyers, show them they can use the area for entertaining and how they may have fun with their family.

Final touches and tips

Know when your real estate agent will be showing the home so you have time to prepare before you leave. Homes with animals may need extra floor cleaning, lightly scented candles, and time to air out the house. Make sure your efforts meet the potential buyer with everything you have by placing fresh flowers, creating lighting effects that welcome them into a room, and making the home smell enticing. Don't forget the final touches on the bathrooms, closets, and bedrooms. Remember, you want to let the buyer feel at home and envision their own lives inside this luxurious and beautifully decorated house.

Work with an expert Charlotte real estate agent

While it may seem like a stressful time to redecorate your home to someone else's tastes, be assured it will help with the selling process. Once buyers can see themselves living in the staged home you showed them, it is easier for them to purchase the property without many changes and at a higher value. Photos online will look cleaner and make it easier to determine if the home is going to be capable of their needs.
The Kimberly Magette Group can assist you with finding the perfect stager if you choose to have the home professionally staged. If not, then Kimberly Magette Realtor can help with tips and tricks to make your home more inviting and worth more on the market. Rest assured that you will be able to sell your luxury home quickly and at a higher price if you stage your home well.

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