Working from Home? Top 4 Home Office Renovation Tips

Working from Home? Top 4 Home Office Renovation Tips

  • Kimberly Magette
  • 07/6/22

Working remotely has become part of the new normal for people around the world as we emerge from the shadow of a global pandemic. What began as makeshift desks, pens gathered from miscellaneous drawers, impromptu printer purchases, and of course, corners turned temporarily into home offices, has become a way of life. Many people, and many companies, have chosen remote work as the proper path for themselves, their employees, and the company. As remote work becomes a more and more popular option for companies and people across the world, many people are finding themselves turning an evaluating eye to their makeshift offices and realizing it is time for some home office renovation work.

Renovation work on your home office is one of those rare ideas that is a win-win from every angle. Not only do renovations on your home office help you to focus and be more productive, but it also enables the value of your home to increase, which can positively contribute to your overall financial well-being. Having a real estate agent that is knowledgeable, reliable, skilled, and experienced, such as Kimberly Magette Realtor, can help you find the right resources and vendors to help you create a vision for your home office renovation and then turn that vision into reality.

The top home office renovations tips

There are certain home office renovations that are common across the board, as well as some renovations that are unique to your home and your property. Knowing which renovations you want to undertake, and which to pass on until a later date, can ensure you make the most of your home office renovations for now and the future.

Define your space, for real this time.

When remote work first became popular and companies sent people home to work, corners of living rooms, guest bedrooms, and any free space in people's homes rapidly became the office people now found themselves working from. These spaces, however, were never meant to be a permanent solution. They were temporary band-aids for what seemed, at the time, a short-lived issue. No one could have imagined the two years that followed and how the world, including how we do business would change. Now, however, remote work is the norm, and companies, as was mentioned earlier, are making remote work a permanent aspect of company culture. That being said, offices tucked into the corners of the living room will no longer suffice. The time has come for a space to be dedicated to your permanent home office.

Choosing the right location for your home office can be as daunting as it is exciting. After all, you live in this space, and ensuring your home office space is separated and dedicated to your focus and success can greatly contribute to your thriving professionally and personally. Oftentimes, having some guidance, such as your knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent, can also contribute to you taking into consideration things regarding your home office renovation that you may not have considered previously. The following are a few things to take into consideration when choosing your space for your home office:
  • Lighting – make sure you have lots of natural light.

  • Sound control – make sure you can shut a door or quietly separate yourself from the sound that is not related to work in your home.

  • Amount of space – make sure you have enough space to have everything that helps you focus your mind, and stay positive and productive.

  • Organizational materials  – Organizational materials include files, folders, pens, labels, and all the office supplies necessary to make sure our home office runs smoothly.

Engage your senses to create the ideal light and noise levels for your home office.

As was previously touched upon, the right amount of light and noise can make the difference between success and failure when it comes to home office renovations. Good lighting, for example, can help to limit the number of headaches and eye fatigue that you may experience while working remotely. Natural light should be utilized, whenever possible, as it releases endorphins and creates a sense of calm. Combining natural light with overhead lights and lamps creates an environment in which you can be your very best.

Noise regulation is another important consideration for your home office space when it comes to renovations. Most people find it easier to work and focus in a more quiet and peaceful environment. Therefore, it stands to reason that of the most common renovations for home offices is a good solid door. This will help to ensure that your meetings are quiet and disturbed, as well as make sure you don't disturb any other members of the household as well.

Pick colors, patterns, and materials that are conducive to productivity.

The items, colors, and patterns that you surround yourself with have a tremendous impact on your mental health and your wellbeing. Therefore, the way you decorate your home office and the items you place inside it can make all the difference in the world. Regardless of if your job is creatively wild or structurally and minutely organized, your home office workspace should be the place where you are at your best. That means you are the most comfortable, focused, and productive that you can be. So, how should you design your home office? You will need to take several things into consideration including your personality and any equipment that I need. Your home office should be designed around you and your:
  • Creativity – Your home office should tap into your creativity and foster big plans and dreams. Being close to a window or door can foster creativity as nature does a great deal to stimulate our brains and creative juices.

  • Focus – Knowing what it takes for you to truly focus is imperative to home office renovations. You will want to find designs and colors that encourage your focus and drive.

  • Calm – While helping you focus is an imperative part of a home office, so is a space that is calming for you. Keeping calm, especially amidst the inevitable IT issues that come with remote work, is tremendously beneficial to you and your team.

  • Motivational Content – Another helpful aspect to have in your home office is motivational content. Ensuring you have art, photos, moments, and reminders of past achievements can assist you in staying focused and motivated, thereby helping you to achieve success.
Picking colors, patterns, and materials that address the above categories can help you to design a home office that is conducive to your success with remote work. 

Get yourself organized.

Getting organized seems like the most simple principle in the world, however, people across the globe struggle to do just that. Files can be lost, important papers can be misplaced and meetings can go unprepared if the organization is not maintained. Have a system that helps you get organized, be it with shelves, baskets, or containers for all of your paperwork and office supplies, and whatever else you need. Whatever you choose can help you to get organized so that your workspace echoes the calm, quiet situation in your mind. Products like label makers, folders of different colors, and a color-coding system, can all assist you in being organized and setting yourself up for success. Plan out where file cabinets are best placed, where they can be easily accessed, and the necessary materials inside them so that there is no panic when the time comes to clean them out and empty them.  Investing in organizational tools for your home office renovation is a very important aspect of building your new home office.

Remote work went from a necessity to a way of life in the blink of an eye. Many companies once ran their organizations from multi-million dollar office buildings filled with employees to most of their employees working remotely. This means the home offices went from temporary spaces that were stolen from corners of living rooms and guest rooms to proper, professional spaces that reflect the positivity, focus, and dedication of the employee that works in that space. Home office renovations became front and center for designers around the world and the people they were designed for, as they began creating workspace at home that set the stage for success for their employees and teams.

Real estate agents that are knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled at their trade can help you to renovate your space and create an office that is safe, secure, and conducive to your success. The Kimberly Magette Real Estate Group, led by Kimberly Magette, is here to help. Each member of the team is knowledgeable, kind, experienced, and skilled and has built a network of developers, landscapers, and other vendors that can help you to embark upon, and create, your ideal home office. By renovating your home office you are not only contributing to your success at work and at home, but you are also contributing to your home's value and your future financial well-being. For more information contact Kimberly Magette today.

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