Top 10 Places to Live Near Charlotte, NC

Top 10 Places to Live Near Charlotte, NC

  • Kimberly Magette
  • 06/23/22

Charlotte, or the Queen City, was established in 1768 and named after Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. It's the largest city in North Carolina and was ranked the 15th most populous city in 2020 by the U.S. Census Bureau, surpassing popular cities like San Francisco.

The town is known for its magnificent business hub, ranking second in the country with the largest number of banks. As a result, many professionals from different fields find themselves gravitating toward this thriving city. The city is packed with recreational facilities, ranging from massive complexes like the South Park Mall to parks and historical places.

The communities in Charlotte are close-knit, making every resident and visitor feel welcome. With the wide variety of neighborhoods, you might have difficulty choosing a place to settle down. Partnering with expert property agents allows you to find exquisite properties and stunning houses in the suburbs of Charlotte.

If you are interested in the broader region of North and South Carolina, our expert real estate team can source the best properties for you in premium communities like Indian Land, The Retreat at Rayfield, Legacy Park, and many more. If you’re relocating to Charlotte, NC, consider moving to one of these beautiful nearby areas.

Myers Park

Photo courtesy of Myers Park’s Facebook

Myers Park is one of North Carolina's most sought-after neighborhoods because it's located just minutes from the city's bustling heart. This neighborhood is situated on the southern outskirts of Charlotte's downtown region, with a touch of traditional houses dating back to the 1920s.

Myers Park is known for its beauty thanks to regular modifications and remodeling, and if you prefer modern-style homes, there are many Mediterranean designs available. The area is valued not only for its picturesque appearance but also for the conveniences it provides to its residents.

The neighborhood features top-rated public and private schools and is only 5 minutes away from hotspots such as the South Park district, featuring numerous retail centers and top-quality restaurants.


Weddington is one of the most affluent communities in North Carolina, ranking third in the city. It's a fast-developing community, and residents and visitors appreciate the ample space, excellent schools, and steady housing prices. The typical household income in the area is about $136,000 as of 2019.

The area is less populated than the rest of the state, making it a perfect spot for home buyers looking for privacy. Weddington offers its residents top-quality education facilities with access to some of the state's most prestigious public schools.


Photo courtesy of Town of Waxhaw's Facebook

Waxhaw is located 23 miles southeast of Charlotte and is surrounded by affluent neighborhoods such as Weddington, Marvin, Wesley Chapel, Fort Mill, and Stallings.

Waxhaw is a popular destination for antique collectors and historical relic connoisseurs. Around 19,099 people live in the area, with a median household income of $111,642 and a median property value of $329,400 as of 2019.

Oldenburg, Providence Downs, and Millbridge are some of the town's most affluent and peaceful neighborhoods. Residents in Waxhaw have easy access to shopping areas, and the town boasts pleasant weather during the extremes of winter and summer.

Waxhaw residents can socialize and savor different delicacies at local restaurants like Maxwell's Tavern and Mary O'Neill's Irish Pub. The neighborhood also features top-rated schools like Martin Ridge High and easy proximity to universities like Wingate University and Queens University of Charlotte.


Photo courtesy of Davidson, NC, Facebook

Davidson offers its residents access to two lakes, making it an excellent location for those who enjoy fishing and water sports. During the summer, residents spend time interacting with neighbors and visitors at the Saturday farmers' market.

This highly sought-after neighborhood provides easy access to an international airport and only a 15-minute drive to nearby activities. Residents appreciate the numerous local restaurants and nearby walking and biking trails, which allow locals to reconnect with nature through lush foliage.

Wesley Chapel

Wesley Chapel is also one of Charlotte's top neighborhoods. Wesley Chapel features expansive properties and an abundance of vegetation owing to its proximity to the Indian Trail. If quiet and serene neighborhoods interest you, Wesley Chapel is the place to be.

In 2019, Wesley Chapel showed a median family income of $124,760. The suburban neighborhoods are a great place to take a casual stroll and feature convenient nearby amenities.

Wesley Chapel maintains a high standard for both public and private schools. This area also caters to children, providing parks and public spaces such as Stalling Park and Brando Oaks Park which boast enjoyable playgrounds and picnic areas.


Cornelius was founded in 1905 and named after J. B Cornelius, an investor who helped the residents establish their cotton mills after a dispute with a nearby town. This area includes plenty of natural vegetation and is close to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Cornelius is part of the Mecklenburg school district, and residents can choose between private, charter, and other schools in the community, such as Phoenix Montessori Academy, or higher levels like Johnson and Wales University.

For those who enjoy the nightlife, the town contains several lively bars and a diverse selection of restaurants with a wide range of cuisines, including American, Indian, Middle Eastern, Italian, and Greek. You can also engage in recreational sports and attend sporting events like a Charlotte Hornets basketball game or a NASCAR race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Mint Hill

Photo courtesy of Town of Mint Hill, North Carolina Facebook

Mint Hill is a lovely Charlotte suburb, home to over 24,000 people. The neighborhood features gorgeous outdoor spaces and top-of-the-line residences. Mint Hill is situated in Mecklenburg and Union Counties and houses recreational facilities, restaurants, and grocery stores throughout the town.

Residents can choose from various properties that suit their preferences, ranging from quaint cottages to enormous estates on several acres. The charming town primarily comprises newly-built residences, but many areas are under construction as the city rapidly expands.

This neighborhood is home to an eclectic selection of eateries and restaurants, ranging from fast and fresh choices to exquisite dining places. History buffs can also stop by the Carl J. McEwen Historic Village and the North Carolina Korean War Memorial to learn more about the town’s history.

South Park

Photo courtesy of South Park Mall Facebook

South Park’s upscale residential and business neighborhoods offer a blend of urban and suburban living for young professionals and families looking to settle down. The neighborhood is adorned with tree-lined streets and woodland spaces. South Park is also home to North Carolina's largest mall, South Park Mall.

South Park has a wide range of property choices, including single-family homes, modern townhouses, and the luxurious mansions of Pleasant Grove. Lavish bars and restaurants attract young professionals, and the town is also home to some of North Carolina's best schools, hospitals, and medical institutions.


Marvin is only 6 miles south of downtown Charlotte, making it a perfect spot for city lovers and business professionals. The city was founded in 1994 and has been one of North Carolina's fastest-growing communities.

Over the past decade, Marvin has seen steady expansion, with over 2,000 newcomers migrating to the neighborhood. About 6,553 people live in the region, with a median age of 41.

Marvin is one of North Carolina's most affluent communities, with a median household income of $206,469 as of 2019. The location offers an affordable yet top-tier type of living, making it attractive to individuals looking for luxury estates.

The town has several excellent neighborhoods, including Marvin Creek, Oldenburg, and Chimney of Marvin. Residents can also unwind and have fun after a hard week in the two local parks (Elon and Marvin Efird) as well as the Shea Rose Farm.

Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek is a Wayne County neighborhood that takes pride in being one of the most beautiful places to live in North Carolina. Walnut Creek provides a tranquil and green atmosphere ideal for those looking to unwind from the hustle and bustle of urban centers.
Prime properties in the area have a median price range of $373,000 as of 2019. Walnut Creek residents can enjoy walking along the many natural trails, socializing with friendly neighbors, or exercising at the nearby tennis courts and baseball fields.

Top-rated schools in the area include Southern Wake Academy, Greensboro Day School, Wayne Early Middle College High School, and Spring Creek High School. Among the nearby universities are North Carolina Wesleyan College and Fayetteville State University.

Walnut Creek has a coveted blend of tranquility and excitement. Residents of the neighborhood enjoy the Walnut Creek Amphitheatre, Busco Beach and ATV Park, and many more attractions.

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