Get to Know These Five Charlotte, NC, Interior Design Teams

Get to Know These Five Charlotte, NC, Interior Design Teams

  • Kimberly Magette
  • 07/4/22

Designing the interior of your home can be a highly complex task. If you intend to redesign for your own purposes, you want to make the room match your personality and lifestyle while still looking comfortable or elegant. These can be tricky things to accomplish without the help of a professional. If you are preparing to sell your house, you will definitely want to work with professional interior designers who can look at your rooms with the critical eye of a potential homebuyer. Skilled assistance in home staging in Charlotte, NC, will attract the most potential buyers and encourage them to offer the best price for the home. This list will introduce you to five Charlotte, NC, interior designers that you should know.

1. J. Mozeley Interiors

Photo Courtesy of J. Mozeley Interiors
J. Mozeley Interiors is owned by award-winning interior designer Julian Mozeley, who graduated with honors from The Art Institute. Her years of education and design experience will help you bring your vision to life, whether you are interested in home staging in Charlotte, NC, or looking to refresh your home for yourself. She will work with you to design the best rooms and floors or recreate your entire home. Some of the interior home solutions that J. Mozeley Interiors can help you with include backsplash, fixtures, stairs, flooring, and lighting.
If you don’t need a total redesign of your space, she can also help with redecorating. Decorating, after all, is all about using the details of the room to let your personality shine through. J. Mozeley Interiors offers help with holiday decorating, paint color schemes, furniture selections, window treatments, and space planning.

2. New South Home

New South Home is a team of interior designers in Charlotte, NC, founded in 2011 by Melissa Lee. They have been featured in several local magazines and won Best of Houzz in Customer Satisfaction for five years. Melissa and her team will work with you to ensure that you have an inviting and comfortable space that works with your lifestyle. They will ensure that each room functions for you and take careful consideration for pets and children as well.
New South Home offers three interior design services. Custom home and remodel finish selections will help you during your custom home build or remodeling project. Their streamlined process will keep the project moving, and they will collaborate with you and your contractor every step of the way. Room design and complete furnishing selections will help you transform your least favorite space in your home into one reflective of your lifestyle. They can help with furniture, lighting, cabinetry, wallpaper, and accessories.
Their New Homebuyer Service will help you transform your new home into the perfect space for your lifestyle. They will work with existing furnishings and help you decide which pieces need to be added. They will help hire any management or subcontractors required to make your home the best space for you.

3. A Fresh Look Design

Photo Courtesy of A Fresh Look Design
A Fresh Look Design is another excellent business offering interior design and home staging services in Charlotte, NC. Owner of A Fresh Look Design, Lisa Pacello, will help turn your home into a comfortable, modern living space. A Fresh Look Design can assist in choosing colors, furniture, window treatments, and accessories that fit your ideas and style to make any part of your property truly feel like home.
If you are looking to stage your currently furnished home before selling it, they will perform a walkthrough of your home during a consultation appointment. From there, they will provide you with a written plan that will utilize each of your current pieces to help make your home sell for a significant profit. They also offer smaller home staging packages, including a face-lift or a personalized shopping experience.

4. The Redesign Company

Photo Courtesy of The Redesign Company
The Redesign Company is a passionate team of interior designers in Charlotte, NC that offer two redesign options. The first is a redesign option using your existing furniture and items. They will begin with a consultation and evaluate what you already have and what you want your home to be. They will then artfully arrange your items to turn your spaces into the best they can be.
Their second redesign option uses a mix of your current items and new furnishings and products. As the alternative, they’ll start with a consultation to discuss what you already have and what’s on your wish list of items that would help you improve your home. They then skillfully arrange the combination of your pre-existing things mixed with the new items to redefine your home and make it the perfect space for you.

5. Vision by Nicole

Photo Courtesy of Vision by Nicole
Our last team to introduce, Vision by Nicole, consists of a crew of architects, consultants, artists, project managers, and interior designers in Charlotte, NC. They all work to ensure that your distinctive style shines throughout your home. Their architecturally oriented team members help with plans, diagrams, and necessary construction documents, and they have a comprehensive knowledge of interior building codes. They offer several services, including architectural design, event design, interior design, outdoor design, and project management.

Once the redesign is complete

Whether you have already chosen an interior designer for your redecorating ideas or have specifically hired one to help with home staging in Charlotte, NC, there will come a time when you will need help listing your home on the market. When you are ready to take the first step toward selling your home, you want to work with a real estate team that uses their professional experience to develop a relationship with you and understand your needs while selling your home. The Kimberly Magette Group are the real estate professionals you need when selling your home. With a background in finance and sales, Kimberly will provide you with the professional expertise and knowledge that you need to profitably sell your home. Reach out to Kimberly and her team directly when you are ready to start the process of listing your house for sale in Charlotte.

*Header photo courtesy of New South Home

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